The Crescendo Community Chorus Board seeks leaders who are deeply committed to the organization’s mission and values and seeks members with a broad range of skills and backgrounds, including but not limited to experience in law, media/marketing, business, accounting, finance, fundraising, social services, and human resources.

Crescendo is continually looking for new people to join our team!

Read about our needs and position descriptions here.



  • Executive Position Membership period: 3 years

  • Member at Large: 1 year commitment

A member of the board of directors of Crescendo Community Chorus agrees to support the mission of the organization. Duties and responsibilities include the following:
1.  Members of the board are legally responsible, along with the other board members, for this organization. Members of the board responsible to know and approve all policies, participate in strategic planning, and be familiar with all programs and services. Members of the board oversee the implementation of policies and programs of Crescendo Community Chorus in partnership with the artistic director.
2.  Members of the board are fiscally responsible for this organization. They must be active in monitoring Crescendo’s income and expense, in planning the budget, and in fundraising to meet the budget.
3.  Members of the board are morally responsible for the health and well being of this organization and must carry out his or her duties to Crescendo Community Chorus with the highest degree of ethics, avoiding any actions that represent a conflict of interest between his or her position as a board member and their personal or professional life, especially if those actions appear to provide a benefit for the organization.
4. Members of the board will support the mission, purpose, goals, and leadership of Crescendo Community Chorus to the best of my abilities by:
  • Attending and actively participating in Crescendo Community Chorus programs;
  • Keeping  up-to-date on developments in the organization’s field;
  • Talking about the work and achievements of Crescendo Community Chorus with colleagues and friends;
  • Representing the interests of all people Crescendo Community Chorus serves in a positive and supportive manner at all times.
5.  Members of the board will plan to contribute financially or in-kind, as able, to the work of Crescendo Community Chorus during the year and will help open doors to friends and corporate partners who may be interested in contributing to our work.
6.  Members of the board will actively participate in all board activities, which includes monthly board meetings and committee meetings as required by committee work plans, the annual strategic planning meeting, as well as occasional board development workshops, seminars, and other educational events that enhance the skills of board members.
7.  Members of the board will serve on and actively participate on a committee each year and take on special assignments as needed.
8.  Members of the board will be prepared for all meetings by reviewing the agenda and supporting materials prior to meetings.
9.  Members of the board will approach all board issues with an open mind, prepared to make the best decisions for the whole organization. They will be respectful of varying opinions, leaving out personal prejudices during all board discussions, and be a careful listener, showing courtesy to all people involved with Crescendo Community Chorus.
10. If a board member does not attend three consecutive meetings without giving prior notice, he or she may be withdrawn from the Board.
11. Members of the board will suggest nominees to the board who can make significant contributions to the mission of the organization as well as fit with the culture of the board.
12. Should anything  arise during the year that would not allow me to keep these commitments to being a positive contributor to the board, Members of the board will initiate a conversation with the Board President about a voluntary resignation to allow another to serve who is able to be fully involved.

In turn, Crescendo Community Chorus is responsible to board members in the following ways:

1.  Members of the board will be provided with board meeting agendas and other meeting materials in advance, including a quarterly financial report with monthly updates.
2.  Members of the board can call on the artistic director and president of the board to discuss the programs, policies, goals, and objectives of the organization.
3.  Members of the board will be provided with straightforward, thorough, and timely responses to any questions during the course of carrying out my fiscal, legal, or moral responsibilities to this organization.

Applications may be submitted any time, but new members are generally added at the beginning of the season after we have received a recommendation.
Visitors are alwasy welcome to visit our meetings. Please call Jessica Eggers, current Board President, to get monthly meeting information. (509) 999-3819