Concert Choir, girls & boys with unchanged voices, ages 11-18

A performance-based program that builds on the musical literacy skills taught in Preparatory Choir with additional emphasis on performance, artistry, and professional-style musicianship.

Mondays, 5:30-7:30 PM at Knox Presbyterian Church
806 W. Knox Ave. Spokane, WA 99205

  • NEW! The first 45 minutes of rehearsal is combined with the Preparatory Choir to work on combined repertoire.
  • Yearly Tuition (30 weeks): $370 -- (semi-annual & quarterly payment plans also available)
  • Four to six performances a year (Winter and Spring Concerts plus one or two friendship concerts and community concerts throughout the Spokane area).
  • Additional Fees:
    • Family Registration Fee (1-time payment/year) $20 if enrolled June 1- Sept. 1st, and $35 after Sept. 1st.
    • Red Crescendo T-shirt $10
    • Girls – The current uniform consists of a red blouse and black skirt ($63) that can either be ordered through the choir or purchased used from alumni. Black nylons and solid-color black dress-flats must accompany the skirt and blouse.
    • Boys – The current uniform requires a black shirt ($15) and tie ($11-$16, depending on length) that can either be ordered through the choir or purchased used from alumni. Families must also provide black slacks and black dress shoes.
    • Fundraising – All Crescendo families have a fundraising income requirement. It us up to each individual family to decide whether or not to participate in Crescendo's seasonal fundraisers (fall/winter) or to just pay it off with their tuition payment. These are due by the end of each semester.
      • 1 singer, $100/semester ($200 annual)
      • 2 singers, $150/semester ($300 annual)
      • 3+ singers, $200/semester ($400 annual)