YES! It's true! Both choirs will now be rehearsing
on the same night,
at a central

Knox Presbyterian Church, 806 W. Knox Ave.
Prep Choir: 5:00-6:00
Concert Choir: 5:30-7:30
Choirs will be combined for 30 minutes to work together on combined music.
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Crescendo choirs have been invited to sing for a wide variety of groups in Spokane. Part of our plan is to provide music for organizations such as churches, hospitals, and retirement/nursing homes, offering the singers a chance to "pay back" the community for their support and encouragement. Performance opportunities are selected based on the artistic benefit to the singer as well as the community.

Our programs currently include:
  • Preparatory Choir for girls & boys, ages 7-11
  • Concert Choir for girls & boys with unchanged voices, ages 11-18


To support Crescendo Community Chorus,
please use the link below or send your donations to
PO Box 9961
Spokane, WA  99209

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