Crescendo is working hard to continue providing students with a platform to sing, learn, and grow as musicians. Choir is about singing with other people and hearing voices fit together.

Crescendo is pleased to be able to offer a small group of students in-person rehearsals at this time! Students enter with a mask, wash hands, have temperature taken, and continue to wear a mask throughout the rehearsals. Masks will only be removed if deemed necessary and safe for the specific activity.

During rehearsals, students participate in body stretching/warm up, humming and vocal warm ups. Musical skills taught include reading music, body percussion, rhythm circle, music theory, and lesson review. Students review repertoire, singing or humming while spread out in the recital hall or outside (weather permitting). For learning new material, students utilize non-singing strategies to learn and internalize music.

Parents/siblings must drop their student and leave--no other persons are to remain in the building during rehearsals. (Read updates from Holy Names here.)

Please contact us through if you have any questions about how our choirs are currently rehearsing.