Crescendo Community Chorus is a 501c3 organization that offers choral music experiences and opportunities of excellence to all children in the greater Spokane region, helping each singer develop as a musician and as a person. Through rehearsals and performances, students develop in musical understanding and personal growth, leading to a greater sense of accomplishment and purpose.


Crescendo continues to strengthen the musical appreciation of the vocal arts that children receive in the Spokane community, offering its singers opportunities to learn vocal skills, have rich musical experiences, and grow in self awareness while working collaboratively as a group and with the community.

Special effort is made to perform and socialize with other children’s choruses in the community and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Through these opportunities, they are able to share and learn from other quality programs in our region and be ambassadors of the Spokane arts community.


Crescendo desires to…

  • Offer a quality choral experience to all children in the greater Spokane region
  • Provide opportunities to learn and experience musical excellence, strengthening the self-esteem of each singer
  • Inspire singers with the highest quality choral literature of a wide diversity, opening their ears to sounds from the entire human experience
  • Schedule performing opportunities that are of artistic benefit to the singers and the community
  • Create opportunities for singers to perform and socialize with other choruses both within Crescendo and throughout the Spokane area
  • Promote and increase the value and appreciation of vocal music in the Spokane Community

To support Crescendo Community Chorus,
please use the link below or send your donations to
PO Box 9961
Spokane, WA  99209

If you would like to specify a use for your donation, please send an email to