Hello! Thank you for visiting our Covid-19 page. At this time, we are planning to begin our fall season like normal while adhering to strict safety measures that are informed by the latest science publishings. Please read below to learn about our three potential plans for our fall season. If you have any questions about registering during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out to to learn more. 

Opening Plan A


  • Students will enter through a specific door, sanitize their hands, and have their temperature taken before being seated.
  • All persons in the room will wear a cloth mask or visor- whatever is deemed safe by the latest studies.

  • Masks will only be removed if deemed necessary and safe for the specific activity.

  • The focus of rehearsals will be on musical skills with any singing done either outside (weather and light permitting) or in the safest way possible. This does not mean no singing! Singing, or making sound in general, will just be modified.

  • Performance outcomes: this season will not be performance focused as it is unlikely that we will be able to meet in groups larger than 50 by December. Instead, our goal will be to maintain and uphold the incredible community that was established by Mrs. Smith to continue our mission of bringing excellent music education to everyone. Music making and music education can happen without a big concert at the end of the season and we will strive to find different ways for students to showcase their learning and growth.

Opening Plan B

  • Crescendo choirs meet as normal in Holy Names Music Center while following their strict guidelines for entering- see plan above. 

  • Singing might not be deemed safe by the latest studies. In this case we would switch to music education that teaches skills without singing. Such as:

    • Body percussion

    • Music theory lessons to strengthen music literacy

    • Musical games (for Prep Choir) that build essential musical skills 

    • Sight-reading through solfege hand signs 

    • Using technology and apps, such as FlipGrid, to work on choral selections at home and receive feedback from Ms. Camm

  • Performance outcomes: this season will be focused on maintaining and building the community and musical skills put in place by Mrs. Smith. Singing in choir together is an incredibly unique experience, and one that ALL of us love! Unfortunately, traditional ensemble singing will have to be put on hold for this season if we are in Opening Plan B. This season will focus on other fun and educational musical experiences! 

Opening Plan C- or mid-season switch due to Covid-19

This plan would be put into use if we are sent back into Phase One of our state’s reopening plan, otherwise known as a stay-at-home order.


  • Choirs would meet at our normal time via Zoom on Monday nights.

  • Ms. Camm will run rehearsal or vocal activities through this online platform with students singing along at home, while muted.

  • Other musical lessons or activities will be done via Zoom and students will follow along as directed.

  • This will not be like the social Zoom meetings we had in the spring- these will be educational meetings where repertoire and musical concepts will be taught and assessed with Ms. Camm.

  • Performance outcomes: this season will be focused on strengthening personal vocal and musical skills while striving to maintain the essential community that students have come to love and expect. Learning music and being with friends is a challenge over Zoom, but the continuity of music education and seeing each other is so important during this time!