Crescendo is a 501c3 organization that offers choral music experiences and opportunities of excellence to children in the greater Spokane region, helping each singer develop as a musician and as a person. Through rehearsals and performances, students develop in musical understanding and personal growth, leading to a greater sense of accomplishment and purpose. Read about our Vision and Values here.

Are you wondering...

1.  When and where do the choirs meet?

2.  Do they have to wear masks while singing?

When and where does the choir meet?

This year, we have one choir for grades 4-9. Rehearsals are Tuesday nights from 5:30-7:00 PM in the Holy Names Music Center Recital Hall, with the spring semester beginning Jan. 4th.   

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Do they have to wear masks while singing?

Yes. At this time, it is recommended that masks are worn when singing indoors and is required by the facility we use. Crescendo will provide all singers with a special device to be used with their mask to help keep the fabric from touching the singer's mouth.

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How often and where do the choirs have performances?

The choir normally finishes each semester with a performance. We hope to plan for a small in-person concert with a small audience of family, but this will be determined closer to the end of the semester. Performances will be recorded to share with friends. Other opportunities to perform in the community may also be added to the schedule as more large events are occuring in the community.

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Who is the Choir Director?

The Artistic Director is Stacia Cammarano.


Ms. Camm grew up singing in the Seattle Girls Choir which spurred her love of music education. It is the main inspiration behind her career as a choral conductor. Read more about Ms. Camm here.

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What kind of music do the choirs sing?

Through carefully selected repertoire, Crescendo Community Chorus studies music in many languages and styles from various cultures and periods in history. Singers have an opportunity to fully appreciate poetry, philosophy, human emotions, and patriotism expressed in the lyrics of the music they learn. Songs with religious texts offer singers the opportunity to learn about ideologies, both their own and those of others. At no time is religious music programmed to endorse a particular faith or ideology. All music is studied for music's sake.

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Can we just visit and try it out?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to plan to come the first two weeks of rehearsals and bring friends. This is a great way to see what choir is like, meet the director, ask any questions, and decide if it feels like a good fit. Semester registration is not due until the second week of rehearsals. Registration will be closed at that point.

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What is the cost to join the choir? Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?

The choir is an independent, non-profit organization that collects registration to pay for the artistic director, accompanist, office supplies, etc. It is important to note that $100 per semester of fundraising has been added this year. Additional siblings will be responsible for half that amount. It can be supplied through participation in a fundraiser (hanging flower baskets) or a check can be given in place of fundraising participation.


Registration is $150 per singer per semester

Fundraising expectation: $100 per semester, $50 for siblings

Sibling discount: $20

New referral discount: $20 off one semester


We are only able to accept cash or checks (written to Crescendo Community Chorus). Payments can be turned in at rehearsals in an envelope with your name or mailed to PO Box 9961, Spokane, WA 99209.


We DO offer scholarships! Crescendo has a limited amount of scholarship funds available each year to assist families with tuition. At this time, we are able to offer up to 50% of the registration fee. Please fill out a printable Scholarship Application Form to mail to our PO Box or submit your application online by the first week of rehearsals if you are seeking assistance. Applicants will be informed of the Scholarship Committee decision before the second week of rehearsals.


There are NO other additional fees.

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Are there any other requirements?

We do not have any other specific uniform requirements. Performances will require singers to dress nice--as appropriate for the performance venue.


Your diligence in attendance to rehearsals and performances is the most important thing. Choir members depend on each other; it is a group effort. Most singers do not spend much time working on their music at home, so with just one day to rehearse, attendance is key!


Please be extra careful to keep singers home who are not feeling well and exhibit any signs of illness. If anything is in question, just give the director a call or text.

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Does my child need to have any prior musical experience?

Nope! If they love singing, we'd love to have them in choir. Ms. Camm will teach them vocal techniques and music theory throughout the year as it applies to the music they are learning.

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What if I have other kids with me? Can singers be dropped off?

Yes, singers MUST be dropped off at this time. (Please note, this is due to current policies at Holy Names.) Normally, there is a conference room down the hall at Holy Names where families can sit quietly (with a parent). This is not available at this time.

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If you have any additional questions about the choir or the registration process, please send us an email.